$AMPL is a better Bitcoin. Period.

The Problem With Bitcoin as Digital Money

Why $AMPL is a Better Bitcoin?

  1. It’s an adaptive digital currency that automatically and proportionally adjusts the supply of $AMPL across all wallets in response to demand (this alone has a ton of benefits which we’ll discuss further).
  2. Initially deployed on Ethereum (soon to be extended to Tron, Near, and Polkadot) and can be natively used in smart contracts across the expansive and highly composable DeFi ecosystem.
  3. The value of 1 $AMPL always tends towards the price target of the 2019 US Dollar ($1.027) and while Ample automatically adjusts supply in response to demand, the debt denominated in $AMPL remains fixed, making $AMPL a safe denomination of debt.

Final Thoughts

Taking everything I laid out in this article into account, I hope you can now see how Ampleforth’s $AMPL token is in fact a better Bitcoin in payment means.



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